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Best selling titles

African Upstream Oil and Gas

A Practical Guide to the Law and Regulation

Consulting editors: Dr Eduardo G Pereira and Professor Kim Talus

This is a major work providing a country by country analysis of African oil and gas. The book details the oil and gas frameworks and the key concerns in the most significant jurisdictions, including traditional producing countries such as Libya, Algeria, Angola and Egypt, and more recent areas with signficant potential such as Sudan.

This unique new work provides a wider understanding of oil and gas law, contracts and regulations within the African continent.

Publication date: March 2015
ISBN: 9781909416260
Length: 608 pages
Price: £180.00

Business Development

A Practical Handbook for Lawyers

Consulting editor: Stephen Revell, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP, on behalf of the International Bar Association

This practical guide, edited by Stephen Revell at Freshfields, takes readers through the tools and skills needed to implement effective business development, including the importance of good communications and public relations. It addresses the prominence of the client perspective and looks at the regulation and ethics behind business development and what the future of business development looks like. It also answers the questions – can you teach business development and can lawyers sell?

Publication date: February 2016
ISBN: 9781911078005
Length: 240 pages
Price: £130.00

Business Families and Family Businesses

The STEP Handbook for Advisers

Consulting editors: Ian Macdonald and Jonathan Sutton

This handbook edited by the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners considers what makes business families and family businesses unique, and examines the issues that advisers are often called upon to address when assisting them.

Publication date: May 2009
ISBN: 9781905783250
Length: 279 pages
Price: £114.00

Cash Pooling and Insolvency

A Practical Global Handbook, Second Edition

Consulting editor: Marcel Willems on behalf of the International Bar Association

The first edition of this book, published in 2012, was very well received. Since then, there have been a number of reasons to update the information it contains: new case law, new national legislation and recent EU initiatives. Furthermore, chapters on Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have been added to the already impressive number of jurisdictions covered.

Publication date: September 2016
ISBN: 9781911078166
Length: 526 pages
Price: £195.00

Credit Derivatives

Understanding and Working with the 2014 ISDA Credit Derivatives Definitions

Author: Edmund Parker, Mayer Brown

With the launch of the 2014 ISDA Credit Derivatives Definitions, which became market standard definitions for documenting credit derivatives transactions on October 6 2014, this new title will provide a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the new 2014 Definitions. The book provides practical reading for lawyers, whether in private practice or in-house, and all credit derivatives market participants looking to gain a solid understanding of the new definitions. 

Publication date: January 2017
ISBN: 9781909416642
Length: 560 pages
Price: £275.00

Consulting editor: Edward Smerdon, Sedgwick, Detert, Moran & Arnold LLP

The third edition of this title features contributions by leading experts on the important aspects of directors' liability, the protection available to directors and the risks of doing business in multiple jurisdictions. Each chapter includes commentary on civil claims and indemnification, regulatory and criminal liability, regulatory issues surrounding global D&O programmes and their ability to provide cover in all intended jurisdictions.


Publication date: July 2016
ISBN: 9781909416703
Length: 745 pages
Price: £225.00

Doing Business in the BRICS

A Practical Legal Handbook

Consulting Editor: Ravi Nath, Rajinder Narain & Co

This book, featuring a Preface by Jim O'Neill of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, provides an overview of the BRICS nations. Each chapter is authored by experienced lawyers, who provide insights on demography, political and legal systems (including investment regulations, competition policies, IP laws, taxation and labour laws) in a clear and comprehensive manner. The book serves as a preliminary and practical guide for lawyers, investors, corporations and entrepreneurs regarding the mode and methods of doing business in these jurisdictions.

Publication date: December 2012
ISBN: 9781905783816
Length: 280 pages
Price: £115.00

Family Enterprises

How to Build Growth, Family Control and Family Harmony

Consulting editor: Richard L Narva

This book compiles the wisdom of experienced leaders of family growth companies and those who advise them, focusing on what works to sustain business success without sacrificing family relationships or control. Each of the contributors is grounded in deep management or professional expertise guiding or advising family-controlled enterprises.  

Publication date: March 2015
ISBN: 9781909416505
Length: 360 pages
Price: £115.00

Family Offices

The STEP Handbook for Advisers

Consulting editor: Clare Archer, Penningtons Manches; Advisory Editor: Barbara R Hauser

This new handbook, prepared in association with STEP, the world's leading organisation for private wealth professional, steers readers through the family office model from its inception, focusing on the viability of family offices for those at the margin of what is normally regarded as the minimum financial base and comparing this to a family worth many millions. The book also considers a range of issues around the cultural development of the family office.


Publication date: March 2015
ISBN: 9781909416024
Length: 413 pages
Price: £130.00

Good Governance in Law Firms

A Strategic Approach to Executive Decision Making and Management Structures

Consulting Editor: Norman K Clark on behalf of the International Bar Association

How can good governance help law firm owners to make better decisions?  How can governance incorporate management information and concepts of risk management into the decision-making process? The fourth in this popular series on the business of law, published in association with the International Bar Association, the book concludes with an examination of emerging trends that will shape law firm governance in the future. 

Publication date: April 2014
ISBN: 9781909416208
Length: 234 pages
Price: £95.00

Hedge Funds

A Practical Global Handbook to the Law and Regulation

Consulting editors: Florentino Carreno, Cuatrecasas, Goncalves Pereira and Lynn McGrade and Alfred Page, Borden Ladner Gervais

This practical handbook, published in association with International Bar Association, outlines key trends in the global hedge fund industry, including the latest structuring and governance models, as well as operational, litigation, enforcement and key regulatory initiatives in the European Union and the United States. The book also features in-depth analysis of the law and regulation of hedge funds in a number of leading jurisdictions.

Publication date: September 2012
ISBN: 9781905783793
Length: 407 pages
Price: £175.00

Investing in Distressed Debt in Europe

The TMA Handbook for Practitioners

Consulting editor: Ignacio Buil Aldana

This co-publication with TMA Europe provides an overview of the European distressed debt market, covering debt trading, non-performing loans, direct lending, restructuring and workouts. It analyses these topics and others from a pan-European point of view, and is intended as a practical guide for anyone seeking a better understanding of the commercial and legal complexities involved in a highly fragmented market where different jurisdictions, legislative frameworks and market practices apply.

Publication date: November 2016
ISBN: 9781911078104
Length: 327 pages
Price: £155.00

Author: Peter Roberts, Andrews Kurth

This third edition of the leading work on joint operating agreements (JOAs) provides a pragmatic examination of the provisions of a typical JOA in the order that they appear, with a particular focus on the critical issues of scope, the operator’s role, joint and exclusive operations, default, transfers and decommissioning. There is also practical analysis of the key issues which apply to the operation of any JOA and the positions which are taken in the various leading industry model form contracts.

Publication date: May 2015
ISBN: 9781909416628
Length: 373 pages
Price: £145.00

Consulting editors: Luis Felipe Mohando, Silke Gotschalk, Martin Schulz and Gerard Tanja

In this timely book produced in association with the International Bar Association, more than a dozen renowned knowledge management professionals provide their expert insights on all aspects of managing knowledge in a law firm. Topics covered include: building the business case for a knowledge management plan; implementing an agreed strategy; organising the knowledge management function; implementing enterprise search technology; and fostering the contribution of lawyers to their clients’ perspective on learning and quality.

Publication date: November 2016
ISBN: 9781911078135
Length: 185 pages
Price: £125.00

Legal Risk Management, Governance and Compliance

A Guide to Best Practice from Leading Experts

Consulting editors: Stuart Weinstein and Charles Wild, University of Hertfordshire

This title offers cutting edge know-how and guidance for the development and management of a sophisticated legal risk management and compliance operation. While identifying risks and regulatory challenges, chapters also explore how professionals can manage processes; implement change; track issues and loss events; screen potential clients, partners, employees and contractors; and implement appropriate remediation.

Publication date: May 2013
ISBN: 9781905783946
Length: 480 pages
Price: £120.00

Liquefied Natural Gas

The Law and Business of LNG, Second Edition

Consulting editor: Paul Griffin, Allen & Overy LLP

This practical title has been updated and features contributions from leading oil and gas companies, consultancies and law firms by writers who are specialists in their fields.  The content spans the latest developments in traditional LNG matters such as structuring projects, sale and purchase agreements and shipping, as well as emerging business such as LNG from coal seam gas and shale and the forced reopening of contract terms.  Together, the contributors provide a rare guide to the legal, regulatory, political and practical elements of today's LNG business.

Publication date: January 2012
ISBN: 9781905783649
Length: 293 pages
Price: £130.00

Liquefied Natural Gas

The Law and Business of LNG, Third Edition

Consulting editor: Paul Griffin

This practical title is being updated to take into account the rapidly shifting arrangements and participations in the international LNG sector. It features contributions from leading oil and gas companies, consultancies and law firms, by writers who are specialists in their fields. The content spans the latest developments in traditional LNG matters such as structuring projects, sale and purchase agreements and shipping, as well as chapters on LNG from shale and unconventional sources, the forced reopening of contract terms over time and the growing role of smaller and floating LNG developments.

Publication date: July 2017
ISBN: 9781911078128
Length: 270 pages
Price: £175.00

Minerals and Mining

A Practical Global Guide

Consulting editor: Per Vestergaard Pedersen, Lett Law Firm

This practical handbook describes the main regulations and agreements on minerals and mining activities in a number of significant mining nations. Each chapter - written by leading professionals in the field, including from Allen & Overy, SNR Denton and Webber Wentzel - covers the same topics for ease of reference.

Publication date: May 2012
ISBN: 9781905783564
Length: 292 pages
Price: £125.00

Oil and Gas

A Practical Handbook, Second Edition

Consulting Editor: Geoffrey Picton-Turbervill, Ashurst LLP

This new edition of our best-selling title outlines in a single volume the essential principles involved in documenting oil and gas transactions, from the upstream exploration phase to transportation by pipeline and liquefied natural gas to sales and marketing. It is intended as a practical guide for anyone seeking a better understanding of the commercial and legal principles involved.

Publication date: July 2014
ISBN: 9781909416239
Length: 344 pages
Price: £140.00

Oil and Gas Trading

A Practical Guide

Consulting editor: Denys Hickey, 39 Essex Chambers

This new guide to oil and gas trading aims to fill a gap not currently supplied by other reference books on sale-of-goods law and charters by focusing on the day-to-day realities of trading in the sector. It examines the way in which the oil and gas market operates in practice, taking note of real-life situations that can arise.

Publication date: April 2016
ISBN: 9781911078036
Length: 255 pages
Price: £155.00

Partner Remuneration in Law Firms

A Guide to Reward Structures, Performance Management and Decision-Making

Consulting editors: Michael Roch, Internal Consulting and Polina Pavlova, Willis Towers Watson

This practical book, published on behalf of the International Bar Association, is full of real-life examples and addresses a variety of issues to be considered when designing, managing or administering partner remuneration / compensation systems. It will be of interest to managing and senior partners, board members, HR directors and remuneration committee members of local, national and regional law firms alike.

Publication date: August 2016
ISBN: 9781911078067
Length: 179 pages
Price: £130.00


A Practical Handbook

Consulting editors: Munir Hassan CMS Cameron McKenna LLP, Rajan Phakey, Dentons

Power: A Practical Handbook is aimed at anyone looking for a single source to understand the key issues relevant to the power sector, with an emphasis on the practical application of those issues in the real world.  It offers a guide to understanding  the commercial, economic and legal principles that underpin the sector.

Publication date: March 2017
ISBN: 9781905783854
Length: 251 pages
Price: £135.00

Practical Derivatives

A Transactional Approach, Third Edition

Consulting editors: Edmund Parker and Marcin Perzanowski

Featuring updated chapters, this third edition of Practical Derivatives: A Transactional Approach shows how derivatives are used in a variety of transactions, how the documentation works, and why boards need to be aware of the derivatives market. It also analyses the impact of the recent regulatory changes on derivatives transactions and related documentation. With contributions from leading law firms, investment firms and academics, this accessible book takes a transactional approach and features coverage of product innovations.

Publication date: May 2017
ISBN: 9781911078173
Length: 250 pages
Price: £175.00

Private Equity

A Transactional Analysis, Third Edition

Consulting Editor: Chris Hale, Travers Smith LLP

This practical third edition introduces the world of private equity, explains its rise and recent challenges, and explores the key ingredients of private equity transactions and the technical issues associated with them.

Publication date: March 2015
ISBN: 9781909416215
Length: 400 pages
Price: £145.00

Private Equity Exits

A Practical Analysis, Second Edition

Consulting editor: David Walker, Lathams & Watkins

This practical guide features contributions by leading specialists (including from Latham & Watkins, Linklaters, Macfarlanes and Ropes and Gray) on a range of topics linked to the exit of private equity investments.  Topics featured include preparing for exits, vendor diligence, management issues, auction sales, partial exits, private equity house spin-outs, IPOs, refinancing, winding-up, tax and perspectives from Luxembourg, the US and views on the emerging markets.

Publication date: September 2016
ISBN: 9781911078098
Length: 218 pages
Price: £175.00


A Practical Handbook

Consulting editors: Matt Bonass and Michael Rudd

Featuring contributions by thought leaders in their fields from both the public and private sectors, this new book guides readers through key policy matters, broader challenges and future trends, all of which underpin the current and future direction of the renewables sector. 

Publication date: November 2010
ISBN: 9781905783397
Length: 333 pages
Price: £135.00

Shale Gas

A Practitioner’s Guide to Shale Gas & Other Unconventional Resources

Consulting editor: Vivek Bakshi, Fraser Milner Casgrain

The practical handbook features contributions from leading authorities in the field, including Guy Dayvault of Energy Deal Solutions, Jessica Davies and Rebecca Perkins of Allen & Overy and Michael Darowski of Hogan Lovells. Chapters cover key issues such as the regulation of hydraulic fracturing, including water use and disposal, natural gas pricing trends and operator issues, and coal seam gas and coal bed methane. Together, the contributions afford crucial insight into one of the youngest and fastest-moving areas of the natural gas industry.

Publication date: December 2012
ISBN: 9781905783809
Length: 185 pages
Price: £135.00

The Business of Law

Strategies for Success

Consulting editor: The International Bar Association

This high-level title, published in conjunction with the International Bar Association (IBA), brings together the expertise of IBA members and experienced practitioners to produce a practical guide to law firm management and building a successful business.

Publication date: February 2012
ISBN: 9781905783618
Length: 173 pages
Price: £120.00

Consulting editor: Eduardo G Pereira, STR Holding

This book provides the unique combination of an encyclopaedia with commentary for the entire chain of petroleum activities. It will serve as a valuable tool for lawyers, professionals in industry, consultants, academics, engineers, geologists who are interested in understanding the key legal terms and provisions of the oil and gas industry.

Publication date: April 2014
ISBN: 9781909416062
Length: 358 pages
Price: £220.00

Consulting editor: Trevor Cook, WilmerHale

Edited by leading IP practitioner Trevor Cook, this important title demystifies the law of trade secrets in over 30 jurisdictions, covering substantive and procedural aspects of both criminal and civil law and exploring the final remedies available. Designed to provide clear, comprehensive and practical guidance, this is a powerful tool for anyone requiring a broader and fuller understanding of trade secret protection globally.

Publication date: January 2016
ISBN: 9781909416314
Length: 482 pages
Price: £145.00

General editor: Alon Kaplan, Advocate & Notary. Advisory editor: Barbara R Hauser, Independent family adviser

The fourth edition of Trusts in Prime Jurisdictions features fully updated chapters plus new chapters on Quebec, Hong Kong, Singapore, Israel, what it means to be a fiduciary, Islamic (waqf) trusts, and trusts in relation to divorce, among others. The new edition, produced in association with STEP, provides a solid grounding in the use of trusts in a wide range of important jurisdictions.

Publication date: April 2016
ISBN: 9781911078081
Length: 726 pages
Price: £230.00

Upstream Oil and Gas

Cases, Materials and Commentary

Author: Marc Hammerson

This title seeks to explore industry issues using a new approach.  It includes comprehensive commentaries on topics in the oil industry and links these with edited extracts from underlying legal texts.  The reader benefits from the combination of both a full analysis of key legal issues and selected passages of text from legal sources.  Chapters cover exclusive licences, joint operating agreements, unitisation agreements and gas sales agreements. 

Publication date: July 2011
ISBN: 9781905783472
Length: 589 pages
Price: £145.00