Consulting editor(s): Paul Griffin, Allen & Overy LLP

Publication date: Jan 2012

Format: Hardback

Length: 293 pages

Price: £130.00

ISBN: 9781905783649

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Review for first edition: Liquefied Natural Gas provides an instantly accessible reference guide for anyone interested in the state-of-play of global LNG.

- Infrastructure Journal, Infrastructure Journal

The gap filled by the book under review is therefore valuable and shows an in-depth appreciation of the challenges with an array of possible solutions from experts in their respective fields.

- Kenneth E Afe Aidelojie, European Energy and Environmental Law Review

This is an interesting book: it provides a glance into a wide range of topics regarding liquefied natural gas.

- Laura Huomo, Roschier Attorneys Ltd, OGEL

Review for first edition: "Its comprehensive coverage makes the book highly relevant and gives it the status of a handbook."

- Subhes C. Bhattacharyya , Dundee University International Journal of Energy Sector Management


From its regional beginnings, the business of liquefied natural gas (LNG) has been transformed into a broad industry that now spans the globe.  The production and liquefaction of natural gas and its shipping, regasification and use bring together diverse producer and consumer jurisdictions under many different forms of contractual arrangement.
This practical title has been updated and features contributions from leading oil and gas companies, consultancies and law firms by writers who are specialists in their fields.  The content spans the latest developments in traditional LNG matters such as structuring projects, sale and purchase agreements and shipping, as well as new chapters on LNG from coal seam gas and shale and the forced reopening of contract terms.  Together, the contributors provide a rare guide to the legal, regulatory, political and practical elements of today's LNG business.
Whether you are a lawyer in private practice or from a national or international oil company, utility business, ship broking or ship building firm, bank or energy advisory practice, this commercially focused and updated title will provide you with a holistic insight into the business and law of LNG