Editor: Mark McLaughlin

Issue date: Nov 2017

Format: Journal

Frequency: Monthly

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ISSN: 2398-7456

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HMRC has an increasing range of powers, which have been further enhanced with each successive Finance Act.  The trend is likely to continue, and at any one time, the average tax practitioners will typically have a number of their clients under investigation.  These might range from enhanced scrutiny of a self assessment form, to full-blown criminal investigation.  As with most areas of tax work, investigations can span back over several years, can be complex, and will last for up to a year.

This new newsletter is the only publication aimed specifically at professionals involved in HMRC enquiry and investigation work, ranging from accountancy practices with clients under enquiry to specialists in HMRC criminal investigations into tax evasion.  Contributors include investigations specialists from many of the leading firms, and from HMRC.

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