Resolving commercial and private client disputes involving business partners and family members: Is there a better way?

14 November 2018

Andrew Hildebrand

In our latest blog, Andrew Hildebrand, leading commercial mediator, explores why a new approach could benefit parties better. This is the first in a short series of blogs on disputes involving business partners and family members.

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How to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in a family business

02 October 2018

Ian Dembinski

In our latest blog, Ian Dembinski, head of Rathbone Private Office, discusses family businesses, the next generation and innovation.

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Setting up International Schools

20 April 2018

Mark Abell

In our latest blog, Mark Abell, UK Partner at Bird and Bird, discusses the long term financial sustainability of international growth amongst UK schools.

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Global Success Stories

09 March 2018

Robert McKay

In our latest blog, Robert McKay, associate editor of the Italian Law Journal, a columnist at Slaw and a director of Dunedin Academic Press discusses law and business publishing.

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Developing a pro bono programme in a law firm

16 February 2018

Peter King

Rob Powell

In our latest blog, Peter King and Rob Powell discuss how to manage a pro bono programme within a modern commercial law firm.

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The road to LNG demand growth: bunkering down to business

24 January 2018

Nick Fulford

Ryan Pereira

In our latest blog, Nick Fulford, global head of gas & LNG and Ryan Pereira, principal commercial manager at Gaffney Cline & Associates, look at the growth and demand of LNG and discuss the outlook for the LNG industry.

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PFI in perspective

22 January 2018

Martin Blaiklock

In our latest blog, Martin Blaiklock discuses the collapse of Carillion in relation to private finance initiatives (PFI) and Private Finance 2 (PF2)

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The collapse of Carillion – why did it happen?

17 January 2018

Martin Blaiklock

In our latest blog, Martin Blaiklock discuses the collapse of Carillion in relation to infrastructure projects and the reasons for the collapse.

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Space tourism

16 January 2018

Anél Ferreira-Snyman

Yanal Abul Failat

In our latest blog, Anél Ferreira-Snyman, University of South Africa and Yanal Abul Failat, LXL LLP discuss outer space law and the concerns arising in relation to commercial space travel and space tourism.

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Insolvency practice in small jurisdictions

12 November 2017

Paul Omar

In our latest blog, Paul Omar, member of the European Commission Experts Group on restructuring and insolvency discusses insolvency practice in small jurisdictions looking at a study in innovation in Jersey.

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