Innovation — if you are running a law practice — means embracing the new and rejecting the old, primarily outmoded methods, tools and attitudes. 

Author Darryl Cooke, who has written this new title from Globe Law and Business has obviously aimed to point readers, i.e. lawyers, in the direction of innovation with a view to effecting positive change.  The grim alternative is to lose business by attrition to those more forward-looking firms for which innovation is a byword.

Cooke’s innovative fervour is expounded with almost evangelical zeal, as the prime mover of change, preferably change for the better.  ‘Why,’ it is asked, ’shouldn’t your firm be the one to take a leading role in galvanizing leaders and entrepreneurs into delivering a better world?’ Charities, for example, ‘could do good faster if they had the help of a visionary law firm behind, or alongside them.’
But is the relentless drive to innovate the best way forward?  The author elaborates on this point by reassuring us that the book is not about innovation; it is ‘a book about growth.’  The catch here is that real growth requires real change. 

The book therefore functions as a useful aide memoir as to how change — real change — can be achieved.  It challenges quite effectively the status quo attitude all too often insisted upon by the ‘if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it’ brigade, observed in large organisations. 

Numerous research studies from top business schools and universities, for example, are cited throughout to drive home the salient points.

The book’s most convincing arguments centre on what we all know to be those key questions — spoken and unspoken — that preoccupy potential clients sniffing around for the right law firm. 

Why should I do business with you?’ they ask.   Or — ‘What can you Or — ‘What can you offer me that no one else can?’  The author is adamant that innovative strategies can and do assist that competitive edge, so ‘crucial to your bottom line.’

In imparting page after page of sage, sensible advice, the author exudes a degree of enthusiasm and sense of mission which is positively infections and certainly motivational for like-minded readers. 

Compact, businesslike, and an easy, yet challenging read, this handy volume deserves a place in the library of every law firm going for growth.
The date of publication of the paperback edition is cited as at 24th May 2019.

Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Robson Taylor, Richmond Green Chambers